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What Is The Uncommon School?

What Is The Uncommon School?

In Walden, Henry David Thoreau writes, “It is time that we had uncommon schools, that we did not leave off our education when we begin to be men and women. It is time that villages were universities, and their elder inhabitants the fellows of the universities … we are kept from school too long, and our education is sadly neglected … That is the uncommon school we want. Instead of noblemen, let us have noble villages of men [and women].”

The purpose of this site, The Uncommon School, is to be a continuing source of education for classroom teachers looking for opportunities to share the lessons they’ve learned in the classroom and to learn from their peers. So often as we begin to be “men and women” teaching in the classroom, we get lost in the work of educating students and our own “education is sadly neglected.”

I created The Uncommon School to be a source of continuing education for teachers and a platform for sharing. To those “elder inhabitants” of our schools and districts, I invite you to be a fellow of this online space so that we can benefit from your hard-won institutional knowledge.

Thank you for being a part of this community to build our Uncommon School.

Who Is Behind The Uncommon School

Hi, Dr. Jacob Lauritzen. I’m a high school English and media teacher and college English adjunct in southeastern Arizona. My specialties are E-Learning (EdD, Northcentral University), Literature (MA, University of Akron), Creative Writing (BS, Utah Valley University), and Theatre and Cinematic Arts (AA, Eastern Arizona College). The Uncommon School is a product of me trying to find a way to combine all of my experience and interests in a way to help teachers.