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Our Mission

Our mission at The Uncommon School is to provide a place for teachers to share what they’ve learned and to learn from their peers.

The Staff of The Uncommon School produces articles, videos, podcasts and other content to teach and inspire you to be the best you can be in and outside the classroom.

Want to be a part of the community? There are two ways to share. You can join the community on Facebook or write for us. Find out more below.

Our Community

Join the Community

We’re building a community on Facebook. If you’d like to join that community, please fill out the short survey and join the conversation. Here are the rules:

  • Keep it positive. We’re here to build each other up. We may not agree on everything, but we can still agree to disagree. Also, no hate speech, racism, sexism, etc.
  • Share and share often. We may be a small group, but we can have a big impact on each other. We’d love to hear what you have to say.
  • But don’t overshare. We still have a responsibility to protect the privacy of our students and communities. You can say where you work and what you do, but no student names or private information, please.
  • Don’t say anything you’d regret. If you aren’t happy with your job, your colleagues, your school, or your district that’s your business, but when you make it public it can affect your current and future employment.
  • Keep it clean. We’re all adults, but we can be professional without using vulgar language and descriptions.
  • Keep it focused. Please don’t spam the group with things unrelated to education (e.g., sales pitches, unrelated political gripes, etc.).

So, what do we want to know? It’s simple:

  • How are you involved in education?
  • If you teach, how do you teach?
  • Tell us about yourself (where you teach, how long you’ve taught, etc.) and what you hope to get from being a part of this group.

That’s it. Thanks for being part of the group.

Write for The Uncommon School

Wanna share what you’ve learned on the website? We want to give you a platform for sharing your experiences. Here are some topics we’d like to publish about: personal stories, pedagogy, curriculum, technology, media, research, etc. We’d also like to curate the best articles, videos, and content from the web. Read something good? We wanna start a book club as well. We have big goals for what this place can be and we need you to be part of our community.