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Be a Student in Your Own Classroom

Taking constructive criticism is hard for teachers, especially experienced teachers. We need to be students in our own classrooms, willing to learn no matter who we are or how much experience we have. In this episode, Dr. Lauritzen talks about listening to advice and a few things he learned at a recent conference.

You can also watch this episode on his YouTube channel here:

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Test is a Four-Letter Word

Test is a four-letter word.

That’s what every student learns early in their educational careers. Pop quizzes, tests, or standardized tests of any kind are trouble and should be avoided at all costs. As teachers, we sometimes opt for the more acceptable word “assessment” because it doesn’t carry all the baggage that the word “test” does. Whatever we call it, it’s important but problematic. In this episode, Dr. Lauritzen talks about the some of the problems teachers face when planning assessment a gives a few suggestions on what to do.

This episode is also available to watch on Dr. Lauritzen’s YouTube channel: